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How do you convince a product company that it’s a people company? Especially when its legacy success has come from building a better mousetrap? The Digital Appliances division at Samsung had historically marketed its washers, dryers, fridges and ovens like everything else they made: on function. The problem was, the majority of the world didn’t take Samsung seriously enough in the kitchen or laundry room to stick around for a chat about steam cleaning. Through bullheadedness and luck, our patient, unflappable, talented team convinced a very traditional client to take a different approach: tell the stories of humans, using the products for human benefits – independence, pride and love. The world responded positively, increasing Samsung sales in key countries in Europe, MENA and LatAm. Pieces of these films are still used today in a few markets. Of course, the products have evolved a bit and the cutdowns are decidedly feature-heavy.

Baby steps.