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A few years ago, before it was the fastest growing canned spritzer in America, High Noon was a vodka. The client came to us, looking for a new brand and an audience to adopt it. We revealed a culture of nostalgic twentysomethings. They missed the days when the only thing that mattered whether to get up for that 9am class. And so, High Noon was born, a brand dedicated to leisure as the ultimate luxury. Our mission: to wrest vodka from the dark of night and let it bask in the optimism and possibility the day brings. Our feel was resolutely lo-fi, unstuffy and fun – the opposite of vodka. We traded the martini glass for the Solo cup and America responded. High Noon took off in California, Colorado, and Wisconsin, and then rocketed nationwide. As tastes changed, the brand pivoted to the canned cooler we know today. But it all started here: a place where every moment matters and every drop counts.