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It’s a simple notion: take a sleepy category and shock its senses. GOODLES aims to upturn the boxed mac & cheese aisle. The product folks did their job: create a noodle that looks, cooks and tastes EXACTLY like the other guys, but is packed with protein and fiber and prebiotics and nutrients from organic veggies. The business folks did their job, creating a lead team made up of the best of the good-for-you food business, the entrepreneur community and Hollywood. Then it was up to us to create a brand that speaks to people who miss the guilt-free pleasure of a bowlful of cheesy goodness…and give it back to them! We created a brand built on the idea that “gooderness” – little acts of subversive joy and kindness – could fuel positive change and taste super-awesome while doing it. It’s going gangbusters so far: in every Target, Whole Foods and lots of major grocery chains in America, and adding more every day.